Subcommittee to Advise NSF on Investments in Response to P5 Report

About This Committee

In May 2014, the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5), a subpanel of the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP), released its report “Building for Discovery: Strategic Plan for U.S. Particle Physics in the Global Context”. The P5 report presents a strategy for the next decade and beyond that enables discovery and maintains our position as a global leader through specific investments by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and the National Science Foundation Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS). This report was unanimously accepted by the HEPAP and overwhelmingly endorsed by the U.S. Particle Physics community at large.

In September 2014, a subcommittee of the NSF MPS Advisory Committee has been charged to advise the NSF on how best to implement the recommendations of P5. Given the particular focus of NSF support on universities and the fact that particle physics is not a separate Division but rather a part of the Physics Division, which has responsibility for a broad research portfolio over multiple sub-areas of physics, the NSF is looking for guidance about how to proceed.

Please note that this subcommittee will not revisit the P5 priorities or recommendations but rather will help the NSF formulate a plan to support those recommendations.

The committee welcomes feedback from the particle physics community that is relevant to its charge. Please use “Feedback” to submit your feedback.


Subcommittee formation
September 29
Announcement at HEPAP meeting
November 3
Interim Report to MPS Adv. Committee
January 23
Report to MPS Advisory Committee
January 31
Final Report to NSF MPS